Angliška pasaka
Svecias 2011-03-15
  The carnival is in town! During the day, people play. But when the carnival closes, the stuffed animals have their say. Rabbit, Frog, Mouse, and Elephant can't wait to go on all the rides. ''Let's try every ride and vote which one is the best,'' Rabbit said. The four friends ran to the race track. ''Beep! Beep!'' Mouse said, ''Driving is fun. This is the best ride!'' ''Let's go on the wheel,'' Frog said. The friends each got a seat on the tall ferry wheel. ''You can see the whole town from up here,'' Elephant said, ''This is the best ride!'' Frog looked all around the carnival. ''Let's go on the airplane ride,'' he said. Everyone screamed as the planes went higher and higher into the air. ''Whee Flying is fun,'' Frog said, ''This is the best ride!'' ''Let's go on the Merry-Go-Round,'' Rabbit said. Everyone laughed as their horses went up and down. ''I like how my long ears flew back as the Merry-Go-Round went around and around,'' Rabbit said. ''This is the best ride!'' ''We all think a different ride is the best one,'' Mouse said, ''How can we pick just one?'' The four friends looked at each other. ''Let's go on everything again!'' they shouted. And they did.